the Mission

19 like the arrondissement in which the building is located, at Porte d'Aubervilliers.

19 as a homage to Gabrielle Chanel's day of birth, and to one of the CHANEL’s lucky numbers, at the initiative of this great project that is le19M.

M for Métiers d'arts

M for Mode (fashion)

M for Main (hand), in a tribute to the artisans and their savoir-faire.


Designed to bring together 11 Maisons d'art, the Maison ERES and la Galerie du 19M under one roof, a multidisciplinary space open to the public, le19M is a unique project housed in an equally unique building.


This 25,500 m2 complex, which connects Paris, the capital of fashion, and Aubervilliers, a tremendously dynamic urban area, is part of an ambitious architectural and environmental approach. It took Rudy Ricciotti's talent and passion to meet this challenge. A winner of the Grand Prix d'Architecture, internationally renowned architect Rudy Ricciotti designed the building while respecting the specificities and working practices of each of its residents. le19M is a tailor-made showcase for the 600 artisans and experts who work here on a daily basis. Finally, its garden, designed as an ecological niche planted in the middle of the urban grid, accommodates beehives, bird perches, and a multiplicity of species of trees and plants.


A testament to the excellence of these professions of the future that are the Metiers d'arts, the 19M building, an architectural tour de force, celebrates the union of the head, the heart, and the hands.