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la Galerie du 19M is temporarily closed but the Café is still open!
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la Galerie du 19M is temporarily closed but the Café is still open!

Creation, exhibition, transmission : le19M plays three roles. 


This building, designed by Rudy Ricciotti, aims to preserve and share the Métiers d’art of fashion and decoration. A veritable temple of craft excellence, founded at CHANEL’s initiative, it brings together under one roof eleven Maisons d’art, their teams and their archives (Atelier Montex, Goossens, Lemarié and Lognon, Lesage and Lesage Intérieurs, Maison Michel, Massaro, Paloma, Studio MTX) as well as the Lesage School and ERES, representing nearly 700 artisans and experts.​


le19M is also home to la Galerie du 19M, a cultural space focused on the values of the artistic crafts which opened to the public in January 2022. Through exhibitions, workshops, and talks, its multidisciplinary programme is designed in collaboration with a community of local stakeholders. It reflects the keen interest of the younger generation and the general public in handicrafts and establishes a social project in the service of the community.


la Galerie du 19M is closed for the winter, but the Café is open for lunch.
Don’t forget to book your table!  


"Figure Libre. Stéphane Ashpool"

  • From 27 March to
    16 June
Collaborative Workshop

Lemarié collaborative workshop

  • From 28 March to
    15 June

the Residents

le19M was designed to bring together under one roof 11 art and manufacturing houses and a multidisciplinary gallery, la Galerie du 19M, representing a total of 700 artisans and experts. This site provides the ideal working environment for both personal development and the development of new perspectives in service of the biggest names in fashion and interior design. 






    Les Ateliers LOGNON

    the Building

    The design of the building was entrusted to renowned architect Rudy Ricciotti. For le19M, he imagined a complex wrapped in woven concrete threads inspired by a vertical textile weft.