la Galerie du 19M and Paris Good Fashion,  are joining forces this season to design a series of talks and discussions dedicated to the future of fashion. This evening will be an opportunity to explore the dimensions of innovation in fashion and imagine what the sportswear of tomorrow might look like.

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la Galerie du 19M — Paris/Aubervilliers


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Sports uniforms represent a genuine field of expression for designers from all over the world, establishing a close dialogue between beauty, aesthetics, and the technical challenges stemming from the need for performance. Integrating technological and ecological innovations is a major challenge for top-level athletes and sportspeople.


Featuring: a talk organised by la Galerie du 19M and Paris Good Fashion,  with Stéphane Ashpool, designer, Morin Oluwole, former Global Director of Luxury at Meta, and Caroline David, curator of the Textimoov! / Futurotextiles exhibition moderated by Séga Kanouté, the opening of the Ethical Fashion Triathlon exhibition, a participative workshop by Maison Mourcel, and late-night opening hours of the exhibition.



Ethical Fashion Triathlon


The Ethical Fashion Triathlon is a competition in which the challenge is to create a piece of wearable art, a Parure, from second-hand clothes and objects connected to the practice of sport.

The Ethical Fashion Triathlon is aimed at students from vocational and technical high schools and colleges. It will take place between November 2021 and May 2024 in 6 regions of France whose history is closely linked to that of textiles and fashion.

As this major tour draws to a close, le19M is inviting the Ethical Fashion Triathlon to host an exhibition showcasing the creative and collaborative work developed by students with upcycling designers.



Maison Mourcel


Founded in Paris in 2018, Maison Mourcel constructs and deconstructs clothing. Lucie Grand Mourcel, the brand's designer, doesn't believe in throwing things away. A forgotten dress becomes a corset, while a top becomes a pair of trousers. The only rule is that there are no rules. In this way, the brand breaks down the fictional gender barrier, bringing together sport and haute couture, the underground and the everyday in a single piece.

Maison Mourcel uses humour to invent new symbols that bring together fictitious communities in an imaginary world where the de rigueur outfit would be a large modern patchwork with unique, hybrid and non-gendered patterns.  

Their raw material: anything that is no longer in use. Flea markets, thrift shops, and unused wardrobes are the basis of entire collections that give life to unique, 100%-recycled pieces in a world where fast fashion has the upper hand.

Séga Kanouté


Séga Kanouté, who goes by @abou_sega on social media, is a multi-talented creative: journalist, editorial consultant, model, stylist, Artistic Director and Creative Director of Niaramy Studio, amongst other roles. His field of expression is clothing and fashion, with a strong interest in history, style, materials, and savoir-faire.

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