Since its creation in 1968, ERES has strived to enhance the feminine form while ensuring comfort and freedom of movement.

Each piece of ERES lingerie and swimwear draws on the finest corsetry expertise. The Maison constantly seeks out exceptional materials and exclusive colours, brought to life by the expertise of renowned embroiderers, lace manufacturers, and fabric ennoblers.

The process starts with a sketch by Marie-Paule Minchelli, studio director and head of the ERES collections. Visual research and materials development are then leveraged to finalise her design. It’s then over to the lingerie-corsetry or swimwear modellers, who develop the pattern. A cutter then works from the pattern to cut out each piece from delicate lace, jersey or peau douce (“soft skin”) fabric – the Maison’s iconic material. The final stage is for the machinists, who assemble the various pieces making up the model

Marie-Paule Minchelli

Marie-Paule Minchell joined ERES in 2008 as studio director and head of the ERES collections. She contributed her pared-back, graphic style to the Maison.

In March 2021, Marie-Paule Minchelli and her teams moved to their new studio at le19M.