Echoing the Milagritos installation by Goossens and Carla Fernández, Elia Pradel, the founder of the Anicet brand, will provide participants in this workshop with an introduction to the art of goldsmithing, through the upcycling of second-hand jewellery.  

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  • Single Tariff 29 €


la Galerie du 19M — Paris/Aubervilliers


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During this workshop, participants will learn the art of jewellery making by creating a piece with Anicet, inspired by the looks presented in the exhibition “Carla Fernández. The future is handmade.”


Participants will be able to take their work home with them.

Elia Pradel (Anicet)


A pioneer in the creation of upcycled jewellery in France, Anicet, founded by the designer Elia Pradel, showcases both old and contemporary second-hand jewellery.

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