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the Building

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the Building

At once a place of work, of gathering, and of transmission, le19M is an exceptional architectural achievement which aims to showcase the savoir-faire of artisans and creators. The story of a unique site that hosts both workshops, a school, and a gallery space open to all.

The design of this residence dedicated to creation and transmission was entrusted to the renowned architect Rudy Ricciotti, a winner of the Grand Prix d’Architecture and the creator, amongst other projects, of the MuCEM in Marseille. For le19M, Rudy Ricciotti imagined a complex wrapped in woven concrete threads inspired by a vertical textile weft. This exoskeleton is made up of 231 modules standing 24-meters tall which act as a sun shade as they become denser depending on the orientation and exposure to the sun.

Brightness, acoustic comfort, and modular layouts respecting the specificities of each profession make le19M the perfect place to spend time and work. The building designed by Rudy Ricciotti is also an architectural testament to the excellence of the skills it houses.


Spread over five levels, the residents each have a space of their own, dedicated to their own teams and clients. The workshops were thought out and designed to allow them to freely express their respective creative worlds and visual identities.


The structure of le19M is built in a U-shape around a 2,600 m2 garden. This natural setting brings together a great diversity of species of trees, plants, and grasses. Sheltered from the noise of the city, it accommodates beehives, bird nesting boxes and perches, and has been designed as an ecosystem in its own right, respectful of the well-being of flora and fauna.


By combining innovation and sustainability, the building is committed to promoting energy efficiency and biodiversity, and is the recipient of the leading environmental certifications and labels (*).


Finally, it houses la Galerie du 19M in an ultramodular 1,200-m2 space. A place for debate and dialogue, the gallery is open to all, for exhibitions, talks, and practical workshops.


(*): NF HQE Standard for Tertiary Buildings, Exceptional; BREEAM International certification, Excellent; LEED V4 / silver + biodiversity certification.

Architect competition

April 2016

During the architectural competition organized at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris, Rudy Ricciotti's project won over all the stakeholders thanks to its urban and architectural qualities, its functionality, and its objectives in terms of innovation and sustainability.

Lay of the First Stone

September 2018

Laying of the first stone of the site dedicated to the Métiers d’art by Mr. Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Fashion, President of CHANEL SAS, accompanied by Mrs. Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, by Mr. Patrick Braouezec, President of Plaine Commune, Mrs. Meriem Derkaoui, Mayor of Aubervilliers, Mr. François Dagnaud, Mayor of the 19th arrondissement of Paris, and Mr. Rudy Ricciotti, architect of the project.

The foundations of le19M

May 2019

Laying of the foundations of le19M building, situated to connect the 19th arrondissement of Paris and the city of Aubervilliers.

Case Maclaim Fresco

September 2019

A homage to the future residents of le19M, this artistic project was produced by Quai36 and imagined by the artist Case Maclaim. The illustration of the gestures of the artisans was spread over 130 metres by 5 metres high.

Cérémonie du Drapeau

October 2019

The Cérémonie du Drapeau, symbolically marking the end of the structural work of the building, took place in the presence of the architect Rudy Ricciotti, the recipient of the Grand Prix d’Architecture, the project partners, and all of the future employees of the site.

Installation of the facade 

November 2019

le19M offers the best possible working conditions to its residents, particularly thanks to the exceptional luminosity afforded by full height windows.

Exoskeleton structure installation

February 2020

Rudy Ricciotti conceived a building wrapped in woven concrete threads inspired by a vertical textile weave. Composed of 231 modules, it acts as a sun shade as it becomes denser depending on the orientation and exposure to the sun.


October 2020

Ash trees, lime trees, Scots pines, purple beeches, Japanese cherry trees, tulip trees, and of course camellias—this 2,600 m2 garden which aims to achieve BiodiverCity certification is a real ecological niche, thanks to its vegetation and the implantation of beehives and of nesting boxes and perches that attract insects and birds.

Finalization of spaces

January 2021

A modular layout as well as acoustic and thermal comfort, while respecting the specificities of each craft, make le19M an optimal place to live and work.

Move of the residents

March 2021

After nearly 30 months of work, le19M welcomes its first residents in early March 2021.

Inauguration of le19M

January 2022

On January 20, 2022, le19M was inaugurated by Bruno Pavlovsky, President of CHANEL SAS and President of le19M, in the presence of Emmanuel Macron, President of France, and his wife Brigitte Macron.