A renowned, coveted, and admired house since 1894, Massaro has a diverse savoir-faire encompassing several arts and artisanal crafts – many of which are not widely known. Each one requires patience, mastery, and experience developed over many years; their discovery is key to understanding the many steps involved in the creation of exceptional shoes.

Shoemaking expertise

Operating since March 2021 in the heart of le19M, Massaro sets the standard in bespoke shoes.

The founder's grandson, Raymond Massaro, continued the family tradition and asserted the creative style that captivated Gabrielle Chanel. The shoemaker crafted a two-tone, low-heel slingback for her in 1957, at a time when vertiginous stiletto heels were in vogue. The cream leather lengthens the leg with a discreet trompe-l’oeil effect, whereas the black satin toe makes the foot appear smaller. An icon of elegance was born. The shoe sealed the partnership between Massaro and CHANEL, which continues to this day.

A tradition of excellence

Collaborating regularly with leading couturiers, Maison Massaro accessorises their looks at fashion shows. In the shoemaker's ateliers, the artisans (block maker, cutter, stitcher, and fitter) work both on couture designs for leading fashion houses and designers from all corners of the globe, and on bespoke designs for private clients (men and women alike). They are always eager to explore new techniques to push the boundaries of their art.