Since 1936, Maison Michel has relied on unique artisanal savoir-faire and exclusive fashion expertise to craft hats and decorative headpieces.


The Maison’s work is showcased in the ready-to-wear and Haute Couture collections of leading fashion houses. It has also distributed its own collections under the Maison Michel brand since 2006.

Attention to detail, a discerning choice of materials, original shapes, and the unique style of each piece set Maison Michel designs apart.


Maison Michel has been cultivating the art of hat-making since 1936. In its ateliers, hatters and milliners craft hats and headpieces by hand on the 3,000 linden wood blocks amassed over time. Vital to the most inventive designs and the ongoing renewal of existing models, these blocks constitute an exceptional heritage that is enriched every day. In the hat-making trade, expert hands are hard at work to the soundtrack of steamers, pampering brushes, stitching machines, and the hitting of hammers. Milliners take over once the hat has been shaped, tasked with enhancing and embellishing the piece. Meticulous and dexterous workers, milliners master many techniques: creating the right fabric tension, draping a turban and straw stitching. A combination of infinitely precise gestures carried out according to the finest hat-making tradition passed down from generation to generation.

Art direction

Priscilla Royer has served as Art Director for Maison Michel since 2015.


After training at Studio Berçot in Paris, she started her career alongside Vivienne Westwood and headed the Red Label line in London for five years. Back in Paris, she co-founded the Pièce d’Anarchive brand, which received the ANDAM First Collections Award in 2012.


Shortly thereafter, she became Art Director at Maison Michel.


For each collection, she taps into traditional expertise and transforms the atelier into a creative hub where multiple tests are conducted and innovative techniques developed, such as the rolling of supple straw and rain-resistant felt materials.


Since March 2021, Maison Michel is furthering its expertise in its new location at le19M.