In 1924, Albert and Marie-Louise Lesage took over the Michonet embroidery workshop. Founded in 1858, Michonet supplied the greatest names in the history of Haute Couture: Charles Frederick Worth, Madame Paquin, and Madeleine Vionnet, whose embroidery assistant was none other than Marie-Louise Lesage. The mastermind behind new techniques (vermicelle droit fil – embroidery stitched to follow the grain of the fabric –, and a shading system for gradated colours), Maison Lesage soon became famous for its avant-garde motifs.

In 1949, upon the death of his father, 20-year-old François Lesage took over as head of Lesage. He partnered with leading couturiers, such as Cristobal Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, and CHANEL. Lesage joined the CHANEL Métiers d’art in 2002 and has continued to work independently with the greatest designers ever since.


Lesage moved to its new location at le19M in March 2021.


Working to the beat of the fashion shows, the workshops bring the designer's vision to life – however exceptional it may be. Agile and inventive, the embroiderers have inherited a unique savoir-faire to elevate clothing and accessories with luxurious embroidery. Seventy-five tonnes of tassels, rhinestones, ribbons, pearls, and shimmering crystals make up the Maison's opulent inventory. Boasting 75,000 embroidery samples, Lesage's creative heritage currently represents the largest embroidery collection in the world and offers an inexhaustible source of inspiration.


During the 1990s, François Lesage created a fabric design studio to diversify his business. In 1998, he presented tweed fabrics to CHANEL for its ready-to-wear collections and Maison Lesage has now been designing Haute Couture tweeds since 2008. Showcasing a unique savoir-faire, these fabrics bring together a great variety of materials in a sophisticated assembly. Today, Maison Lesage produces tweeds for many clients and designers.