Created in 1853 by Émilie Lognon who had the idea of curling fabrics using her irons, Ateliers Lognon is specialised in pleats. Her heirs, all the way down to her great-grandson Gérard Lognon who, in 1945, took over the family business developed the savoir-faire and build a reputation in the art of mould pleating using cardboard moulds.

Its artisans know how to transform a flat piece of fabric into multiple shapes by hand. Combining artisanal and digital techniques, Lognon has perfected extremely precise savoir-faire that counterbalances generous volumes with flat surfaces. Over the decades, Ateliers Lognon has ennobled a wide range of fabrics — silk, crêpe, tulle, chiffon, organza, velvet, leather — and perpetuated a specific vocabulary: knife, flat or box pleats, round or accordion pleats, Watteau pleats, sun pleats, and Fortuny pleats.

Lognon has built up an ample collection of moulds to meet every request. It works with CHANEL and other leading names in haute couture, as well as interior decoration brands, providing pleats that offer a vast range of creative and original possibilities.

The Lognon artisans started working in the Lemarié workshops in 2013, thus becoming a CHANEL Métier d’art.


Since March 2021, Ateliers Lognon had received its clients at le19M.