Atelier Montex constantly seeks out new materials and innovative techniques to express and develop its unique savoir-faire.


Their expertise encompasses embroidery by needle, by Lunéville crochet and by Cornely machine in an ever-evolving interplay between tradition and innovation. The Maison’s approach to the Métiers d’art is one of continued renewal: the artisan's inimitable technique does not shy away from new technologies. On the contrary, these expand the creative possibilities to fully express an artistic vision.
Montex applies its expertise to luxury ready-to-wear and haute couture collections. Today, it is also expanding into decorative and ornamental crafts.

History of Atelier Montex

Founded in Paris by Mr Lemonier in 1939, Atelier Montex initially crafted embroidered fabrics sold by the metre – an activity that continued into the early 2000s. The Maison supplied fabrics to hundreds of small fashion houses, which used them to craft garments for private clients in France and abroad. From 1969, Atelier Montex developed its handmade embroidery activity – working by needle, by Lunéville crochet and by Cornely machine. This would become the atelier’s core business.
Annie Trussart joined the Maison in the early 1980s, marking a key turning point in their history. Her innovative perspective was replete with eclectic inspirations. Her vision tapped into traditional expertise while daring to elevate classic materials with a quirky twist. This music and architecture aficionado loved to combine various influences and developed the expressive potential of embroidery – gradually shaping the identity of Atelier Montex.

Montex became a familiar name to luxury couturiers and built key partnerships with the leading names in fashion during the ’90s: Yves Saint Laurent, Chloé and Dior, in particular.

In 2011, Montex joined the group of artisanal houses making up Chanel's Métiers d’arts. In 2013, it was named Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (a living heritage company).

Eager to expand the boundaries of embroidery, Annie Trussart created a department dedicated to interior design, pioneering architectural embroidery: Studio MTX.


In 2017, Aska Yamashita, Annie Trussart’s assistant and accomplice for more than 20 years, was appointed Art Director of Atelier Montex. She is building on the Maison’s creative history by introducing new influences and conducting her own research, which is always underpinned by the most stringent technical quality standards. The 50-strong team brings together a diverse skill set, from experienced artisans to young apprentices learning the ropes of embroidery.


In March 2021, Atelier Montex moved to the 19M building.

Aska Yamashita, Art Director

Born in 1973, Aska Yamashita started her art career by training as an illustrator. As part of her studies, she completed an internship at Atelier Montex in 1989, where she trained in embroidery techniques. This is where she met Annie Trussart, Montex Art Director at the time – a turning point in the Maison's history. Together, they set Atelier Montex on a path of tremendous growth.

Aska Yamashita nurtures an unwavering passion for embroidery and its many techniques, which she loves to explore and push to new heights as a way of furthering this unique expertise and merging it with eclectic creativity. 

After Annie Trussart founded Studio MTX with a focus on interior design in 2013, Aska Yamashita launched decorative embroidery projects in 2019, in addition to her collaboration with the fashion studios. These projects offered a springboard for Atelier Montex to interact with a great diversity of areas, ranging from gourmet cuisine to fine jewellery.