For this workshop, Cécile Ndiaye invites you into her world, a word in which braiding becomes a sculptural language.

Practical info

  • Single Tariff 29 €


la Galerie du 19M Paris/Aubervilliers


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Participants will work alongside the artist to make a large braid using leather and fabric scraps to create surprising textures and to produce a decorative panel, a piece to be embedded in a textile, a belt, etc. First, participants will be able to choose the materials to use in their creation (leather straps, wax, links, textile scraps, plant materials, etc.), They will then learn, with the artist, the techniques of classic three-strand braiding, rounded four-strand braiding, etc.


Participants will be able to take their work home with them.


Cécile Ndiaye’s works arise through mutations. By transforming industrial leather and wax waste through craft, Cécile Ndiaye and her workshop in Keur Massar are establishing a virtuous way of life and creation process.

Cécile Ndiaye

Cécile Ndiaye combines design, craft, and art in a committed and sustainable artistic approach. She continuously draws on local cultures, craft traditions, and available resources from her surroundings, developing her own reading of them in order to propose new narratives. Through her work she acquires, documents, and experiments with traditional knowledge and techniques on leather in West Africa. In addition, Cécile Ndiaye created the leather goods company Studio Wudé in Senegal. Committed to social and individual well-being through collective expression, the enhancement of endogenous skills, and the ability to create value, she constantly develops creative and organizational processes to allow Studio Wudé to be a place of invention and affirmation for each craftsperson, a catalyst of talent, a developer of potential.

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