During this workshop for young participants, children will be able to learn how to cut out “spirits”, paper cut-outs used to thank people after a harvest or an important event, in keeping with Otomi tradition, with the guidance of the master amate artisan, Arisbeth González.  

Practical info

  • Single Tariff 15 €

Free for adults.

Recommended for children from age 8 to 12.
One adult can register a maximum of 2 children.

Workshop in French and Spanish.


la Galerie du 19M — Paris/Aubervilliers


For more details, refer to the practical information.

Papel amate dates back to pre-Hispanic times. It was used for offerings and ceremonies for the gods, and to make manuscripts, ceremonial costumes, and calendars. Today, it is still made in the state of Sierra de Puebla.


Children will be able to take their work home with them.



Arisbeth González


Arisbeth González Hernández, is originally from Pahuatlán, in the state of Puebla, Mexico. Belonging to the Otomi community, her grandmother taught her to embroider from the age of six and she later learned the techniques of working with beads and making amate paper. She in turn has shared the knowledge with her children.

Beads have been used in the region to decorate the clothing of the shaman who cleanses to cure illnesses, and amate paper has been the livelihood of the population for several decades, providing the basis for paintings, cutouts, and decorative objects.

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