In this free collaborative workshop, participants are invited to discover two types of embroidery stitch—the crow’s foot and the back stitch—on designs in the shape of milagritos, animals, or traditional Otomi flowers on fabrics drawn from the reserves of the Maisons d’art at le19M, with the help of Arisbeth González.  

Practical info

  • Free event

Workshop in French and Spanish.



la Galerie du 19M — Paris/Aubervilliers


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Arisbeth González


Arisbeth González Hernández, is originally from Pahuatlán, in the state of Puebla, Mexico. Belonging to the Otomi community, her grandmother taught her to embroider from the age of six and she later learned the techniques of working with beads and making amate paper. She in turn has shared the knowledge with her children.

Beads have been used in the region to decorate the clothing of the shaman who cleanses to cure illnesses, and amate paper has been the livelihood of the population for several decades, providing the basis for paintings, cutouts, and decorative objects.

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