From 27 March to 16 June 2024, la Galerie du 19M is giving designer Stéphane Ashpool a carte blanche bringing together his creative universe and Métiers d'art know-how.
With fashion as its starting point, the exhibition Figure Libre. Stéphane Ashpool showcases multi-disciplinary works (fashion, photography, video, music, etc.) extended by different cultural and artistic events designed featuring guest artists and performers.

Practical info


la Galerie du 19M - Paris/Aubervilliers


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This season celebrates the power of the collective and the need for knowledge-sharing, one of le19M’s key values. It is an opportunity to discover how sportswear can be an art form, an approach that is not only technical responding to the body’s need to move freely in search of performance—but also a visual celebration that honours the body through the choice of fabrics and ornamentation that celebrate athletic prowess.


Conceived as a modular playground in collaboration with scenographer Georgi Stanishev, this exhibition begins with garments and accessories from Stéphane Ashpool’s early works and collaborations, notably with the Pigalle label. Accompanied by photographs and archival documents, these items illustrate the sustained creative dialogue between the designer and the Maisons d’art for close to 10 years. 

The second sequence presents new pieces created specifically for the exhibition at la Galerie du 19M. Sculptural pieces that play with scale, materials, and functionality populate the exhibition. Samples, photographs, and videos reveal the making-of of this unique capsule collection. 

To round things off, a movie theatre showing never-before-seen videos invites viewers to take a closer look at Stéphane Ashpool’s creative process, using textures, colours, and materials to create his work in the heart of the Maisons d’art workshops. 


the Live programme 

Alongside the exhibition Figure Libre. Stéphane Ashpool, la Galerie du 19M is staging a series of events bringing together craftspeople, visual artists, musicians, and performers working with movement. This lively programme is structured around three themes: experimentation, the power of the collective, and celebration.


From 27 March to 16 June, the live programme includes: 


- Every weekend, a number of discovery and introductory workshops, some designed by guest creatives (Mathilde Gullaud, Etienne Diop, Marianna Ladreyt, Corianna Moubembe, Joël Harder).

- Three themed evenings, one Thursday a month, designed with Paris Good Fashion to explore sustainable French design in relation to the world of sport and its values; 

- Three weekends of live music, performances, shows... put together by Rinse FM, Gadji FC, and Club Ashpool

- Two educational projects with fashion students, one with Lemarié and the Campus d’excellence des métiers d’art et du design; and the other with Atelier Montex and Studio MTX with École Duperré

- A first participation in the Nuit Blanche with “Les marathons du 19M”. 

Stéphane Ashpool


Stéphane Ashpool was born in 1982 in the Pigalle district of Paris to a Yugoslavian dancer mother and an English sculptor father. He made his name as a fashion designer with the Pain O’Chokolat collective and the sportswear brand Pigalle Paris, through which he has collaborated with Nike and Missoni, among others. He designed “Playground Duperré”, a colourful basketball court created in place of a former car park near his old school in Pigalle. In 2015, he received the grand prize from the Association nationale pour le développement des arts de la mode (Andam) and was awarded a year’s mentoring in several of le19M’s Métiers d’art workshops.